Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Breck's Photoshops its Catalogue

Today I saw Breck's Gifts catalogue and was quite surprised by the image on the back. It just didn't look right. I know that amaryllis flowers can be gorgeous but there is never THAT many at the same time. Also something was wrong with lighting. Apparently, they just copied a few flowers and pasted it around.
Just look at it! I marked identical areas with boxes.

Photoshopped Amaryllis Image from Breck's Gifts

It's not the first time I see a grossly retouched image in a garden catalogue. My friend caught DirectGardening/Burgess doing this. Even Mr. Subjunctive mentioned their gross photoshopping of Angel Trumpet flowers. They still didn't take down that image!
Did anybody see more examples of image retouching in a garden catalogue? I would love to hear about that! Update: Ahahahaha! The joy continues! Breck's guys say "In a world filled with faux, we've always been true to nature" and display photoshopped flowers on the same page.

They even make a mirror image of one to conceal retouching. Way to go guys!

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